Beach Hut Decor Ideas: How I created Isla

Beach Hut Decor Ideas

It’s no surprise given the style of our beach huts that I often get asked for interior decor advice or beach hut decor ideas.  From paint, furniture and flooring to the accessories I add to each beach hut hire, I frequently get asked where and how I bought them.  I’m always pleased to share, particularly if they will generate business … Read More

How to Finance Your Beach Hut Purchase: Buying a Beach Hut

How to Finance Your Beach Hut Purchase Buying a Beach hut

Time and time again, when I tell people what I do, it’s not long before I hear the words “oooh, I’d love a beach hut.   But I just can’t afford it”.  Beach Huts are renowned as being expensive after all.   However, if you can’t get that beach hut dream out of your head, you will inevitably need to work out … Read More

Why are beach huts expensive to buy?


Parents “How much did they cost?” Me “The basic build was £12.5k then you added on interior options.  It’s a new beach hut build and in great location right next to Walton Pier” Parents:  “Ok but if you can’t sleep in it, surely It has water and electricity, though, doesn’t it???” Me:   “Sigh…Errrr no, there is a tap and … Read More

Beach Hut Interior: How to design your Beach Hut


Beach Hut Interior and choice of decor – ever looked at a beach huts interior and loved it?  Or have you looked at one and wondered why on earth the owner would decorate it that way?  Marmite comes to mind, when I think about the wide range of styles that owners choose for their beach huts. If you’ve recently bought … Read More

Buying a Beach Hut? Dos and Don’t of Buying Your First Beach Hut

Buying a beach hut

Being a beach hut and seaside addict who now owns and runs a beach hut hire business, I am no stranger to being asked about buying a beach hut.  By far the most common question I am asked is; ‘We loved your beach hut and we’d love one of our own, what do I need to know?’ When taking into account the … Read More