Beach Hut Hire: How Much Can I Earn Hiring Out My Beach Hut?

How much can I earn hiring out my beach hut 3 girls at a beach hut hire

Those who own a beach hut or have hired out a hut may think that a beach hut hire generates lots of income with little or no work.  I hear quotes such as “the summer months hire income pays back the beach hut investment in three years”.  While that could be true, there are expenses associated with hiring out a … Read More

15 Tips to Get Your Beach Hut Hire Off The Ground

Get your beach hut hire off the ground

Getting your beach hut hire business off the ground can be stressful, frustrating and hugely rewarding.  Yes, all three, at the same time!   Those months and days up to greeting your first guests can be a rollercoaster. I remember them fondly now but haven’t forgotten the nerves and anxiety too. When it comes to information about beach huts and beach … Read More

Beach Hut Decor Ideas: How I created Millie


As a 2016 Towergate Beach Hut of the Year Finalist, Millie, our latest addition to Millie’s Beach Huts has certainly attracted a lot of attention.  We find out tomorrow if she has made the Top 5 but either way, I’m a little proud.  Whilst not providing traditional Beach Hut Decor Ideas, she’s broken the mould with her bright, fun interior … Read More

The Best Beach Hut Insurance Companies in the UK (Reviews/Ratings)

best beach hut Insurance Review

I often get lots of questions from individuals looking to buy their first beach hut.  It’s such an exciting time but also, they are looking to make sure they know all about the ongoing costs including beach hut insurance. Insurance at the best of time can be daunting but when they are very few in the marketplace, it can feel … Read More

Beach Hut Insurance: A Review of Towergate Beach Hut Insurance

Beach Hut Insurance Review of Towergate

Yes, you are right. Millie, one of my beach huts for hire is currently shortlisted as a finalist in the 2016 Beach Hut of the Year competition run by Towergate Insurance.     And yes, they’ve yet to hold the panel to decide who is in Top 5 and then overall winner for 2016.  And Yes, you did read that title correctly … Read More

Beach Hut Insurance: A Review of Love Your Hut Beach Hut Insurance

Beach Hut Insurance Review of Insure Homes LimitedBeach Hut Insurance Review of Love Your Hut

Many of us think of our beach huts as  an extended part of our homes and one our most important purchases each years is beach hut insurance.  It can be a painful process to call around those limited insurers and compare the numerous features but with the great British weather contributing to significant coastal damage over the last few years, … Read More

Beach Hut Insurance: A Review of Ryan’s Beach Hut Insurance

Beach Hut Insurance Review of Ryans

If you’ve invested thousands in a ‘sanctuary by the sea’ then beach hut insurance will be high up on your list to purchase.   Not only has the great British weather contributed to significant coastal damage over the last few years, and heavy flooding but there is a need to protect from vandalism all year round. Having personally owned two … Read More

Beach Hut Decor: 10 Ideas under £20

Beach Hut Decor Under £20 Flamingo Print

Are you looking to update your Beach Hut Decor? As those summer days inch ever closer, the shops have also been filling up with products to allow you to reflect the coastal look either in your beach hut or at home.  Beach Hut Decor is definitely on trend right now. Whilst I’ve loved having a snoop around the shops, I … Read More